Parking on Campus: The Parking Hustle at McKendree

By: Kyle Hintz. Published: February 11, 2011.

imageParking on campus has always been an elaborate game of automotive musical chairs for me. It seems I can never get a spot close to my class, that is if I can find one at all. Frequently I have to park on one of the side streets adjacent to campus. In light of my own parking inconveniences, I decided to interview students to hear their opinions on the situation.

Junior Brad Gebben said, “Living in the dorms is easy because I park my car there overnight and go to class, but I always hate it when I leave and I come back and the entire lot next to The Hett is full, and all I see are C stickers for the freshman parking lot.”
Senior Ashley Dressler said, “I just don’t like parking in another country and then having to walk to class. I hate how everything’s A and B or just A parking. Teachers can walk too. If we take one of their spots we’re gonna get in trouble, but if they take one of our spots because they decide they want to walk that day or whatever, they don’t, we have even less parking. They get spots right up next to the door and we don’t.”
Junior Tia Turnipseed said, “I have 8:00 am classes so I always get a good spot.”
Junior Matt Valdez said, “I hate it with a passion. Parking, trying to find a spot is like pulling your teeth. I drive up and down for ten minutes trying to find a spot. And if I park in an illegal spot or something and I get a ticket, I look around and see C stickers everywhere in a B lot. Sometimes there’s not even a sticker on the other cars, yet I get a ticket.”
As a commuter student, I’m on the “hate it with a passion” side. It seems that all the good spots are taken by students who live on campus and that commuters are left to fend for themselves. At this point I’ve already given up. I got a different car last year and never bothered to get another parking sticker. I don’t even hunt for a spot anymore. I park on side streets most of the time.

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