SGA Quarterly Review

By: Annie Bierman. Published: February 11, 2011.

For the past few months, SGA has been really busy fulfilling budget requests, initiating new projects, and assessing the campus’s needs!  

I am happy to present to campus one of our completed projects: the Bearcat Cave! The new lounge and student multi-purpose room is now up and running! We imagine this as a space for students to both study and relax away from the constant traffic in the other lounges.

This new lounge will be available to students from 8am-10pm Monday-Friday. To reserve the space for meetings and such, please contact us at to do so. I want to thank the Senators for their hard work on this as well as Student Affairs, Physical Plant, and Operations for all of their contributions. 

Other items we have brought to the attention of the administration with the help of the student body’s input include: the speed and efficiency of work orders, privacy in the dorms, the cleanliness of the computer labs, the punctuality of the Bogey Bus, and the need for more sections of Anatomy and Physiology.  

Some current projects of ours include: acquiring more First Aid kits and AEDs for use in case of emergency, campaigning to bring more awareness to the state-mandated 15ft smoking rule around campus buildings, and adding speed limits to the parking lots at McKendree West and near the Hett to prevent pedestrian and car accidents.

With your help, we can help McKendree be an even better place! If you have any suggestions, comments, or concerns, please leave a message on our “Got-A-Gripe” page on our McKendree website, find us on Facebook, or send an email to our account

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