By Kyle Hintz, Staff Writer. Published April 1, 2011

clip_image002Rango is the only animated film I’ve seen this year that actually lives up to that cliché of the animated movie that both kids and adults will love. Usually, that means a movie that kids will love and parents won’t hate to the degree that they question the whole child rearing enchilada. However, this is the real deal.

Rango (Johnny Depp) is a lonely pet lizard who lives in a small aquarium where he spends his time acting out Pseudo-Shakespearean dramas with his inanimate companions: a Barbie doll, a plastic palm tree and a wind-up toy fish. This is all changes suddenly when Rango’s aquarium goes flying out of the back of his owner’s car on a trip through the desert stranding him in the Wild West.

He makes his way to Dirt, a town in the middle of a desert, in the midst of a drought and in desperate need of a sheriff. There Rango finds not only friends, but himself. It’s a story you’ve heard before, but it’s done well enough to earn its existence. Long story short: check it out. It’s definitely worth seeing on the big screen. Also, listen for Timothy Olyphant who delivers a pitch-perfect Clint Eastwood impression.

4 out of 4 paws!

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