The McKendree Dance Concert

By Julie Guenther, Contributing Writer. Published April 1, 2011

Dancers will be performing various routines in the areas of Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Ballroom, and Tap. Come see our dancers: Kelsie P, Lindsay L, Claire K, Jenna B, Alison K, Lynn, S, Julie Guenther, and all dancers perform wonderful visual spectacles.

Lindsay, Kelsie, and Claire, will be performing solos, along with Lindsay and Kelsie presenting a duet. Some dancers will be enacting solos along with being in group routines. Come immerse yourself in the world of dance and experience a cultural phenomenon unlike any other.

We love to share our love for dance and showcasing out passion for the performing art. Come out and support all of your fellow McKendree dancers and help yourself in looking forward to and giving an early, warm welcome to your weekend.

Thank you to our choreographers Katy Biver-Newcomb, Lindsay Loesche, Kelsie Perkins, and Lynn Smith for all their hard work and dedication through preparing and rehearsing for this amazing first time opportunity to host a dance concert at McKendree University.

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