The Visit: McKendree’s Spring Play

By Julie Guenther, Contributing Writer. Published April 1, 2011

This is a drama filled with suspense, which will leave you on the edge of your seat. You will be drawn to the storyline and want to know the outcome of the production. If you enjoy spectating plays and/or desire suspenseful stories, then you must go see this amazing and thrilling production!

All of the cast and crew members work so hard to make this production a smashing success, the main characters are Clara (Claire), and Anton Schill, played by Cara Polczynski and Kyle Hintz. Thank you to Michelle Magnussen for showing great devotion and passion to the theater department.

The story’s setting is Guellen, a European town that has suffered of financial depression and deterioration. As the play begins, the townspeople are fervently awaiting Claire Zachanassian’s arrival, who has been a hometown girl who has become very prosperous. The citizens of Guellen are depending on Claire to help them out financially, to improve the living conditions of Guellen. However at the beginning of the first act, Claire indicates that she has a menacing, even lethal, definitive aspiration.

This is a flamboyant, richly peopled shady comedy. It’s full of striking dialogue, suspense, and monstrous characters. A foremost theme is the tautness between capitalistic greed and the Western humanistic tradition. The play also talks about sex, lies, and inquality.

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