Advice Column, April 25, 2011

By Jake Bennett and Tavi Sanders

1. I know a person in APO, and I he seems to really enjoy it. However, he really wants me to join, but I feel as though I already have a lot on my plate, so to speak. It seems like APO would be a lot of fun and it is a service organization; I certainly wouldn’t mind joining something like this, except I’m not sure if I have time. On one hand, I want to so that I can be apart of something and make friends, but on the other hand, I don’t want to take away time from everything else that I do and cause my grades to suffer. I’m really on the fence about this one. What should I do?


Girl Talk: You have to be careful not to overwhelm yourself. Take the time to evaluate the situation very carefully. Consider eliminating something that is in your daily schedule that really doesn’t have to be. Being a part of APO is an investment for your future. In any investments we take risk and make sacrifices. In the end, the rewards are huge. You are the only one that knows your full potential. I suggest you carefully consider your course load and if any added task would cause a collapse. Often we get excited about opportunities and become part of things that we cannot handle. APO is not the only way to make friends. I suggest you be a little more assertive and mingle without the crutch and pressure of being a part of an organization.

Guy Speak: Is there something preventing you from quitting if it’s too much for you? or perhaps you could simply try it out without being a full member by sitting in on some of the events/meetings. I understand what it is like to have a lot going on at one time, and I can tell you from experience that having something to look forward too can be a major help. If you think it is something that you will really enjoy then i say go for it. If it does turn out to be too much to handle at this point, you can always join it at a later time. Don’t force yourself to be in something if you later decide that it isnt for you. Also, if you feel as though it will have a negative impact on your grades, then i say hold off on it for now. Unless you’re a senior, you have another chance to be a part of it.

2. I am in an English class, and we have a research paper due before the end of the year. I’m not much of a fan of English or writing, and I am majoring in a science related field. I feel as though it is almost a waste of my time to have to push myself to write that paper, when I could be teaching myself something that I am more interested in. How much importance should I put on classes such as English, where I really don’t care to much about them, and classes that interest me?

Girl Talk: One of my majors is Speech and the other Accounting. Although I think I am the best in my fields of study, I know it is important to be able to express myself orally and through writing. In any science you must be able to thoroughly explain your works. As you go on you will most likely have bosses that will tell you they need a written report of your findings and research. How will you be able to give a precise report without any prior experience? I suggest you embrace the few English classes that you are required to take and know that it will be utilize in your work or possibly graduate studies. Here is a tip, I am sure you have read many books to gain the science knowledge you retain, who wrote them? I am sure some other scientist and how did they become such good writers? As you write and proof your papers think of your audience and try to write in the manner that you have received and understood things.

Guy Speak: Writing is very important in almost every field, especially sciences. Your particular field may have a different style of writing, but any kind of writing cna help to prepare you for what’s ahead. From the sound of it, it is a Gen Ed english course, in which case i have to just say suck it up and write the paper. That may sound harsh, but this is something that most people have to do, and knowing how to write will put you head and shoulders above many other students. To answer your questions, you should put as much importance on it as you do with all your other grades, because essentially, thats all it is. If you dont agree with me that it is important because writing is important, at least agree with me that it is important because it effects your GPA. Just wait, you’ll have plenty of time to take classes that are interesting to you.

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