“Leditor” ~ Letter from the Editors

avatar-image3Letter from the Editors


As many of you know, the first paper issue has been distributed across campus throughout the week. In this issue, there is quite a variety of material ready for you to read. You will be able to learn some interesting information concerning one of the collections the Holman Library archives. You will also be able to engage in commenting on articles, viewing trailers and voting on a poll featured in the “Online Dating” article.

Please remember to click through the tabs on the webpage. The tabs will guide you to the articles you would like to read according to your interest. If you would like to know which articles are a part of the most recent issue, please click <McK Review Issues>, and then click on the date of the most recent publication (in this instance, it would be 2014 April 01).

Don’t hesitate to email us if you have questions (mckreview@mckendree.edu).


~The McKendree Review Team

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