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Just 13 miles away from McKendree University sits Phoenix Recycling and Shredding (PRS) in Belleville, Ill. According to Dave Jaques, the Executive Director of Phoenix, the mission of Phoenix Recycling and Shredding (PRS) is twofold: (1) to assist other individuals and organizations in being good environmental stewards, and (2) to create additional work opportunities for persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities (IDD). PRS was formed to give paid work opportunities to people with developmental disabilities and has been in business for ten years.

Now employing over 40 people with developmental disabilities or traumatic brain injuries, PRS has trained some of the individuals to become certified fork lift drivers and they are also possessing the ability to operate industrial balers and shredders. Another way this company has helped people with intellectual/developmental disabilities is by giving them contact with other non-disabled people in the community.

When asked what the most fulfilling part of his job is, Jaques said, “The most fulfilling aspect of my job is bearing witness to the satisfaction and happiness that many of the people who work with us derive from having this job opportunity. Many have learned skills that they may not have learned if they didn’t have the opportunity that PRS provides.”
Shredding is the best way to avoid identity theft and the mishandling of other confidential personal and business information. The shredded information is also ultimately recycled.
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