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A few days ago, I was placed into a group of students who were made to make my life miserable. The assignment is due in a week, but no one except me is working on the project. My peers are lazy, and they know I will get the work done in order to get a good grade. What should I do? Should I stop the project altogether in order to make their grades suffer? Request a new group? Speak to the professor? I need answers please!

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To: “I Hate Group Work,”

First off, do not stop working on the project because it will hurt your grade. You should at least try to email the students; maybe they have been waiting for someone to email them about getting together to work on the project. Also, you could try to catch them in class to talk to them about it. If they do not get back to you, talk to your professor and tell him everything. Hopefully, your professor will be able to help you out.

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Guy Speak:

I Hate Group Work,

Talk to your teacher, and he or she can help you find a solution. If you’re afraid of becoming the snitch, ask your teacher not to confront the others. You can work out a deal with the teacher that if you complete your share of the work, your grade will not suffer from your lazy group mates. Another possibility is asking the teacher to give individual grades for each member in the group. Some teachers assign grades on the presentation of each group member and a survey filled out by each student that indicates how involved the others were with the project. Ask your teacher if he or she would be willing to do this. Under this system, your grades are not affected by a lazy team.

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