Roszell Mosely: Born Again


Even though women are stereotypically associated with having stress-related weight issues, this is most certainly not always the case. Roszell Mosely, a student attending McKendree, spent his freshman year worried about his health.

After graduating high school in 2011, Roszell finally decided it was time to lose weight. He already viewed himself as being healthy, but unfortunately, this was not the case. Weighing in at 290 lbs., he described the feeling as if “he was slowly dying.” After 4 months of continuous exercise, a proper diet and the aid of nutritional supplements, he was able to reach a weight of 195 lbs. – a loss of 95 lbs. altogether. Roszell attributes the success to his weight loss to the help of AdvoCare. AdvoCare is an American multilevel marketing company which sells nutrition, weight-loss, energy and sports performance products. He also stayed consistent with the gym and stayed away from fried, greasy food and ate every three hours.

After losing the weight, Roszell gained 35 lbs. of muscle mass in five months. A friend from high school had observed his weight loss and desire to build muscle. He simply suggested to Roszell that he should stop spending so much time lifting weights and start lifting girls instead. Roszell then started cheer-leading at Kaskaskia Community College in August 2012.

Roszell before and afterHe is currently a male cheerleader on the McKendree cheer squad. “I never thought I would be doing any of the things I am currently doing; I thought I was just destined to be big, but I was able to change all of that with the support of my family and friends.”

Roszell is a big inspiration inside and outside of the gym. When I had first met him at the local Gold’s Gym in O’Fallon, he was with one of his many friends, helping to spot them while having them do different exercises that he had found helpful when trying to lose weight. His weight loss is a big motivation for him to keep pushing forward and challenging himself and others. He is also now an adviser for AdvoCare.

“My goal now is to help as many people possible reach their goals with the advice I have gained and what I have learned from trial and error from my weight loss and muscle gain.”  Roszell’s story is inspiring, because it proves that through hard work and dedication, difficult goals can be reached.  In his case, a combination of a consistent exercise routine, use of nutritional and performance-enhancing supplements, and the implementation of a healthy diet was what it took to make the difference.

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