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I am graduating this semester, and still haven’t found a job yet. Should I keep looking for one that goes with my degree or should I try and apply for other jobs like Walmart or McDonald’s in order to have ‘something’ that will help me with my finances?


The Unemployed


To: The Unemployed

I have not graduated yet and I am sure I will be in the same position as you next year. I would say find a job that will suit you until you can get your dream job. Also, depending what your desired career is, a different job may be good experience for you, since you will be learning how to deal with coworkers and people in general. However, keep applying for jobs and looking online for openings. Maybe you should contact Career Services. Look into some internships. If you are still not finding anything, maybe you should think about graduate school. You have made it this far, why not keep going?

~Mindy Allen

Dear The Unemployed,

Many students are having the same problem. The real world is a scary thought and you won’t always start out in your field. While you,re still on campus, take advantage of Career Services. They will help you with your resume and give you interview tips. Most jobs are looking for experienced individuals, so try looking for internships in your field that will give you the experience necessary for jobs in your field. If you need extra money to support yourself while trying to break into your field, go ahead and apply for Walmart or McDonald’s. A small income is better than no income. Look for ways to save money while getting by on that salary, but keep applying for jobs in your field. Eventually, you will become a part of that field with patience and perseverance, and a little bit of luck never hurts.

~Chris Streetman

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