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With finals week quickly approaching, McKendree students, who have procrastinated with their finals projects, papers and homework assignments, are frantically trying to get things done, while also studying for their final exams. The stress that McKendree students feel is common on the home stretch of the last few weeks of school, but the feeling of burnout is also something that is becoming increasingly more popular. Seniors, especially, but even freshman, have this overwhelming desire to be done with school. So how do students who experience this “burn-out” push past it, and complete and turn in all of their ending assignments on time while, at the same time,  finding ways to manage studying for their final exams?

Most of the time, seniors realize things need to get done if they want to head right out into the workforce or attend graduate school. They need to get those grades where they want them and those GPAs as high as possible. Seniors have created their cover letters and résumés to send out so they can apply for jobs in the “real world”. This should be a push enough for those seniors experiencing burnout.

When I talked to Janelle Jankowski, she said, “I drink RedBull to be not tired and hyper. It helps me push through. I just load up on caffeine.”

For the rest of McKendree’s student population, how are they supposed to push past this burnout phase? “It’s the thought of almost being done,” said junior, Michelle Allen. “I’m almost to my senior year of college, and I’m trying to graduate with the best grades I possibly can to get into graduate school for occupational Therapy. Obviously I’m tired, but I have an ultimate goal in mind and burnout isn’t going to stop me from achieving it.”

Sophomore, Rachel Dudley stated, “I look passed everything from school and try to focus on the good things in life that I am blessed with, like my friends and family to help ease all the stress. They help me stay sane with everything that’s going on, but I also know when I need to get school work done.”

First year, Stephanie Lake, said, “I’m having fun my freshman year. Sure, I’m experiencing burnout, but I know I will miss all my friends over the summer, and that’ll make me want to be back at school. I know what to expect the next couple years with my schooling, and know that burnout will always be a problem, but I really think it’s something you have to push past. I hang out with my friends or watch a movie for a slight break when I’m feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, and it helps me regroup and get back into the right mindset to finish what I need.”

It seems that the students of McKendree, from first years to seniors, have outlets to help them deal with the burnout phase they experience. Whether it is friends, physical activity or RedBull, most students find ways to get back into the swing of accomplishing their homework.

Summer is right around the corner, Bearcats! We can do it!

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