The Review Crew


Vol. 92, Iss. 6


Kimberly Bennett

Natalie VanBooven

Mindy Allen
Assistant Editor

Emily Lucia
Assistant Editor / Web Designer

Editing Team

Mindy Allen
Kimberly Bennett
Natalie Van Booven
Emily Lucia

In This Issue

Mindy Allen
Sharon Beard
Britani Beasley
Kimberly Bennett (video)
Michael Feezer
Bryan Gross
Kyle Jackson
Janelle Jankowski
Christopher Streetman
Natalie Van Booven

The McKendree Review is a student-run organization of McKendree University. The mission of The McKendree Review is to give students the opportunity to learn the news process and publish articles pertaining to their opinions and ideas.

The staff does not agree with all statements and opinions, which rightfully belong to their writers.

The McKendree Review Office can be found in Eisenmayer 208 on the McKendree Campus, at 701 College Rd., Lebanon, IL, 62254.

Staff can be reached by email at

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