Why Greek Life is for Every College Student


“Nothing like you expected, but everything you’re looking for.”
Photo Credit Britani Beasley
Photo Credit Britani Beasley

 Like most college students coming to McKendree University, I was not only nervous about the new experiences but also excited to start a new chapter in my life. I was excited to join anything and everything in hopes of being just as involved as I was in high school. At the involvement fair, I found myself overwhelmingly signing every paper that seemed fit for my interests, but I overlooked one table that I knew I wanted nothing to do with; or at least that was what I originally thought.

 In my sophomore year of college, I decided it was time to explore a new corner of

Photo credit Britani Beasley
Photo credit Britani Beasley

McKendree University I had no prior education about, other than the stereotypical movies and television shows showing excessive partying, hazing and women who liked drama and seemed all-around perfect. This corner of college was Greek life, and I have to admit, I thought I was in over my head. I had no idea what was expected of me or what organization would suit me best.

It turned out I had absolutely nothing to worry about the three Greek organizations I spent time with during recruitment week. I discovered things in all three organizations I admired, but ultimately, I found my home. Being Greek has made me a better person, and has made my college experience more than what I ever expected it could be.

In movies and television, it portrays Greek life as organizations in which members do not care about anyone else on campus, or about achieving good grades. At McKendree University, we are very much a value based Greek life family, and do our part in community service while supporting other organizations’ events. We do not let our letters define us; we are living examples of our letters. We exemplify leadership roles in different registered student organizations, both on campus and throughout our lives.

 During the two years I have been a part of Kappa Sigma Tau, I have learned many

Emily Thole and me at my ceremony, Fall 2012
Emily Thole and me at my ceremony, Fall 2012

valuable skills that have made me a well-rounded student, friend and employee. I strive to be a better friend, student and leader while sharpening my organization, communication and time-management skills. I I can thank Kappa Sigma Tau for giving me these skills.

My letters do not make me better than anyone else; they make me better than who I used to be. They remind me of my strength, and represent the members of this organization. My advice to every student attending McKendree University is to try out Greek life. Perhaps Greek life will help you to become a better you than you thought possible. I encourage people to ignore the stereotypes about Greek

Only you can make up your own mind about what Greek life is, no one else. life.

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