McKendree University Hires New Faculty and Staff During Summer

Over the summer, McKendree University hired a total of 12 new faculty and staff members during the summer of 2014. For the next several issues, the McKendree Review plans to publish profiles for each of our new faculty and staff members, but for now, we simply want to welcome them to the family.

The following names of the new faculty and staff members was provided by our dean, Christine Bahr, Ph.D so we would like to thank Dr. Bahr for generously sending us their names.

Janice Albers, M.S.N.* || Division of Nursing
S.J. Creek, Ph.D. || Division of Social Sciences
Sameer Dutta, Ph.D. || Division of Computing
Elizabeth Erickson, Ph.D. || School of Business
Allison Fahsl, Ph.D. || School of Education
Haliman Herjanto, Ph.D. || School of Business
Kim Yun-Hee, Ph.D. || School of Business
Angela LaMora, Ph.D. || Division of Science & Mathematics
Theodore Massey, M.S., M.Ed.* || Division of Computing
Elizabeth Thiry, Ph.D. || Division of Computing
Donna Ulrich, M.B.A* || School of Business

M.S.N. ~ Master of Science in Nursing
M.S. ~ Master of Science
M.Ed. ~ Master of Education
M.B.A. ~ Master of Business Administration

If you have any of these professors as your instructor for any of your classes, please welcome them to McKendree if you have not already done so.

To all of the new faculty and staff members at McKendree University:

Welcome to the Bearcat Family!


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