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All synopses are written by Jenna Teetor.


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Title: Believe Me
Director: Will Blakke
Theaters: Sept. 26

Synopsis: “After college senior Sam sinks into a bottomless hole of debt, he seeks out alternatives for raising tuition money. Gathering up a few fellow seniors, or accomplices, they create a fake Christian charity. Will they ever get caught?”




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Title: Two Night Stand
Director: Max Nichols
Theaters: Sept. 26

Synopsis: “Usually after a one night stand, one expects to awkwardly sneak out in the morning to avoid a conversation. But, these two love birds find themselves forced to enjoy another night together as a raging blizzard prevents them both from leaving.”




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Title: Gone Girl
Director: David Fincher
Theaters: Oct. 3

Synopsis: “After his wife goes missing, Nick Dunne finds himself as the prime suspect. Seemingly unemotional during his interviews on the news, the media holds no sympathy towards the man. Did he really do kill his wife? Find out in theatres (or later, when it comes out on DVD).




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Title: Skink—No Surrender
Author: Carl Hiaasen
Release Date: Sept. 22

Synopsis: “Malley, to prevent being shipped off to a boarding school, runs away with a stranger she met online. Her cousin, Richard, decides to track Malley down. Read about this hilarious adventure as Richard and Wild Skink (the driver as Richard rides shotgun) seek out to find Malley!”



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Title: Deadline
Author: John Sandford
Release Date: Oct. 7

Synopsis: “Closing up a school board meeting never has been more horrifying. In this thrilling novel, the board votes whether or not they should authorize the killing of a local reporter. Meanwhile, there are dognappers, medical labs, and a body found. And the victim seems to be a local reporter….”



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Title: Derek Jeter–The Contract
Author: Derek Jeter, with Paul Mantell
Release Date: Sept. 22

Synopsis: “Inspired for the legendary sports icon Derek Jeter, it starts off with young Derek and his dreams for being shortstop for the New York Yankees. He gets chosen for the the Little League Tigers, and is placed at second base. Although, he still dreams of being a second baseman. Join Derek and his adventure to achieve his spot!”




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Title: Flash
Network: CW
Air Date: Oct. 7 at 8/7c.

Synopsis: “Based on the DC Comics Flash, this brand new series shows how forensic scientist Barry Allen accepts becoming a super hero. Having his particle accelerator explode in front of him, striking him with lightening, transforms him into the Flash. With his newfound speed, Barry Allen vows to use his gift to protect the city. But just what kind of villains are out there?”


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Title: Selfie
Network: ABC
Air Date: Sept. 30 at 8/7c.

Synopsis: “A media-centric woman has a fallout after an embarrassing video goes viral on the web. She hires an expert to help her addiction on social media. Watch this comedic, hilarious new series that is a fresh reminder of the most important things in life.

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