Road Construction on Alton Street

Staff Writer
Alton Street  Photo Credit: Kimberly Bennett
Alton Street
Photo Credit: Kimberly Bennett

Sometime after the week of Sept. 15, Alton Street is scheduled to be closed for road construction, as long as weather or other issues do not cause further delays. The project is following previous construction, which moved the water line from under the street to beside the street. The past road construction explains why the street was half rock, half pavement during the beginning of the semester. Sally Mayhew, McKendree’s Vice President for Administration and Finance explains that the road construction is “all in the name of progress” and Alton will be “a very nice street with curbs and gutters.” When the construction finally begins, the road will be closed to through traffic, and it is important for McKendree students to know how to navigate around the construction and access lot C. Alternative routes, suggested by Public Safety, are shown on the map below.

The project is estimated to take 70 workdays, which exclude weekends and any other days when weather does not allow construction to take place. Rain and winter weather could cause the project to take longer than estimated.