[Iss. 5] || Where to Shop for the Fall: McKendree Style

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We all love new clothes, but if you’re like me, you’ve already realized that trying to find the latest fashions for fall within the borders of Lebanon is a little tricky. While most girls at McKendree would openly list St. Clair Square for their “go-to” place when it comes to fall fashion, our beloved mall unfortunately offers very few student discounts.

In fact, one of the only female clothing stores within St. Clair Square that offers a student discount is Charlotte Russe, a popular store among young women which gives a broad choice of unique and trendy fashions. When checking out at the register, show your student ID card for a 10% discount off your purchase. However, this does not include items on clearance.


If you prefer a more professional look, The Limited also offers a discount to students, as well as educators. A discount of 15% is given at the checkout with a valid McKendree ID.

So, ladies, where do we go with our tiny budgets and our big fashion sense? Enter, Lillian’s which is located at 106 Wakanda Drive in Lebanon just next to the fitness center. Lillian’s offers a variety of stylish and tasteful options for a reasonable, student friendly price. When shopping at a boutique like this, you have the advantage of maintaining individuality. Lillian’s only orders approximately six of every item to the store, which makes it easy to be the only one on campus with that trendy new top.

Speaking of trends, fall is the opportune time to showcase your personal style. While we all know that fall means wearing layers, this year it means capes, ponchos, and kimono-style cardigans. According to the owner, Amanda Oelze, plaid is also a huge trend this season, and Lillian’s has these trends arriving this month.

As an alternative to a student discount, Lillian’s offers a punch card. A punch is received for every 20 dollars spent, prior to tax. When the card is full, $30 is taken off the next purchase.

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