[Iss. 7] || Becoming a College Graduate: Stressors Concerning Your Final Semester of College

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Many students are in or about to start their final semester at McKendree University. As one of those students, I definitely have many thoughts about what happens after graduation and I’m sure I am not alone.

When senior Michelle Allen was about her feelings in regards to her final semester of college, she said, “I feel stressed about going through the whole process of graduate applications making sure I make the deadlines. [I am] worried that I do not know where I’ll be a year from now.”

The choice between graduate school and getting a job in the “real world” weighs heavily on the minds of many students. Both choices come with positives and negatives. Graduate school comes with a lengthy admissions process, interviews and heavy course work. Joining the work force is not an easy task, either. I am sure many students are already seeing that the professions they chose offer limited employment and some employers only seek experienced candidates.

Students are given many resources to help them make the post-undergrad transition. One of those resources is the Career Services office, located in Clark Hall. Here, students come to get assistance with job searching. They can receive help with resumes, finding internships with finding jobs related to the fields they want to go into.

Director of Career Services, Jennifer Pickerell said, “When speaking with students, we learn they are concerned with life after college, in areas such as the first year on the job, how to budget their money when they obtain that first job after graduation, making decisions about purchasing a car and buying a home, and other related fields.” Because of these concerns, a class named Careers: the Job Search, and Beyond was created. This new course is a one-credit class offered in the spring semester, focusing on information about areas you can go into with your major, as well as areas related to the job search such as resumes, cover letters, interviewing, networking and other topics of interest to students who will shortly be in their first year on the job.

Pickerell added, “My advice to students is to begin the job search early.You need time to explore your options, create a strong job search plan, and then act on that plan. You also want to take a multifaceted approach to your job search, meaning you need to search for positions through a variety of methods.”

Graduating is a scary thing. Some students are more than ready while others are nervous and worried about what their future holds. Regardless, as students at McKendree University, we have resources to help prepare us for the next chapters in our lives. Therefore, whether you are done with school in December or graduate in May, utilizing resources such as Career Services office can help you become successful in your life after college.


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