[Issue 9] Greek Fire: A Concert Review


On Saturday January 24, 2015, my girlfriend, Kaitlyn Spires, and I attended our first Greek Fire Concert. Before I get into my review let me give you a brief background of the band. Greek Fire is a local band from St. Louis. In 2008, Greek Fire began, with four guys; Philip “Moon” Sneed (Lead Vocals), Ryan Phillips (Lead Guitarist), Mark “Giant Rubber Fist” Roth (Bass & Backup Vocals), and Johnny Venus (Drums). Moon is one of the

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producers of The Rizzuto Show (Previously Woody & Rizzuto Show) on 105.7 The Point. I have been a long time listener of the morning shows on 105.7 The Point, but I was able to increase my listening time tremendously last semester due to my class schedule. Upon the countless hours on listening, I learned about Greek Fire and that Moon was a part of the band. Throughout the semester I dragged Kaitlyn to many different Point events that varied from haunted houses to mattress warehouses. We began to get to know the four producers of The Rizzuto Show (Scott Rizzuto, Tony Patrico, Jeff Burton, and Moon) along with another DJ for The Point, “Lux”. For a Christmas present, I asked Moon to have his band sign a CD for me as a present to Kaitlyn. Finally, I received word of the Greek Fire concert and knew I had to attend, so I purchased tickets to the Greek Fire concert at The Ready Room venue in St. Louis, Missouri.

The show started at 8:00 P.M., doors open at 7:00 P.M.; however Kaitlyn and I wanted to get a good spot to stand since The Ready Room is not consisted of seats, but rather spots to stand based upon arrival so we arrived at 5:00 P.M. Eventually we got in and were about to snag front and center spots. After a surprisingly good opening act by a smaller local band from St. Louis, Pistols and The Sisters, Greek Fire came out. The venue was packed and was a little uncomfortable at first, but we were both excited to experience our first Greek Fire concert. After the first song, the whole mood changed. The excitement was still just as strong; however it began the start of the story that came along throughout the night. After the first song, Moon started talking about how proud Greek Fire was to be from St. Louis and how they had a special connection between the fans in which made them feel like one big family. With that little speech, the venue became a little less uncomfortable and they played another song. Moon talked about how the band has been all over the globe and that they were so proud to be from St. Louis and how they wanted every venue that they performed at to know Greek Fire was from St. Louis so they would bring the St. Louis flag to every venue.

As the night progressed Moon gave another speech about how St. Louis can all come together with the power of music as one big family and that is exactly what happened. The songs continued to play and the audience were able to connect and come together by singing and dancing to the music. It honestly was an incredible experience, the venue was a union of Greek Fire fans coming together to enjoy this concert. The band members tried to interact with the audience, especially Moon. Moon would periodically come into the audience while singing. He danced with the crowd and at one point he got on a random person’s shoulders. It really added to the feeling that everyone is in this “family” that he would continue to talk about.

This concert was beyond amazing, if alternative rock is a genre that you, the reader, enjoys, I highly recommend checking out Greek Fire. Their most recent accomplishment is having one of their songs, ‘Top of The World’ featured in a promotional trailer for the

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movie, Big Hero Six. If cost of tickets is something that may concern you, have no worry because the tickets were $15.00 each. The band still has not signed with a record label, but the new accomplishment has really given the good publicity they need to bring them to the next level. The quality of the music exceeded what it sounds like on the radio, it was extremely fantastic. I give this band the best review and highest recommendation possible. Tune into 105.7 The Point or go on their website to look for upcoming shows, if you like alternative rock, you will not be disappointed. http://www.1057thepoint.com/ This is the link to their website.

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