[Issue 9] Superbowl Sunday At McKendree


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On Sunday, the New England Patriots beat the Seattle Seahawks to win Super Bowl XLIX in Phoenix, Arizona. Quarterback, Tom Brady threw for over three hundred yards en route to winning the game’s MVP award. This year’s big game was the most-watched television event in American history, as 120 million people tuned in to watch, whether at the bar, at home, or with some friends. The McKendree community certainly took part in different ways to celebrate American football’s biggest competition.

The biggest McKendree sponsored even was run by CAB in the Lair. Around forty people attended, and those who went were treated like royalty, of sorts. It was nearly an all-you-can-eat buffet and the attendees had a chance to win great prizes, including an Xbox One. Junior volleyball player, Lauren Apetz, was one of the lucky people to attend the party and was absolutely raving about it. “I went with a couple friends, and they had so, so much food there,” she said. “Wings, pizza, nachos, and most importantly, buffalo chicken dip. I definitely ate too much. I really wish I would have won the Xbox, but it was really a fun time.” CAB put on a really good party for students, but that certainly wasn’t the only thing going on.

Some people went home to watch the game with some family and friends. Senior baseball player, Pierce Borah, spent his Super Bowl at home with his sister, his friend, and the rest of his family. He just didn’t see the draw of going to an official party for the big game. “You know, I really did think about going to one of those super bowl parties, but then I decided to get out of there – too many games.” For someone who really likes to focus on the gameplay and the intricacies of the game, watching at a quieter place with less distractions. This applied well for Pierce and many others, especially those who had a strong rooting interest.

The place I went to, was a party at a friend’s here at McKendree. He had plenty of different food selections, from pizza to chips and a few kinds of dip. In the end, the Super Bowl is about a lot more than just the football game, or watching Katy Perry dance with a couple of sharks. It is about hanging out with a bunch of good friends and absolutely pigging out with some questionably unhealthy food. The commercials gave the game a bit of a lighter side to two of the NFL’s most unlikable franchises, and the game was one for the ages. Just like what has happened so many times before, the McKendree community joined together to have a good time and celebrate with each other.

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