Christin Austin tackles it all

By Mileena Tomasek

Contributing Writer

Christin sits with a young boy in Haiti
Christin sits with a young boy in Haiti

Do you ever have so much going on that you’re too overwhelmed to do it all productively? Some people cannot handle the clutter of multiple activities and events, but Christin Austin actually enjoys taking on many tasks at once. Set to graduate in December of 2015, Christin not only has a lot going on in her life, but a lot going for her.

Here at McKendree University, Christin is involved with nearly every department in some way. She has been a member of the volleyball team, the debate team, the speech team, Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority, the Student Panel and multiple honor societies. However, the list does not stop there, Christin is also a Student Ambassador, secretary of the Student Government Organization, an Emerging/Advanced Leader and made it on to both the Dean’s and President’s list for academics.

Even with all of these activities taking place, Christin takes time out of her busy schedule to take mission trips to Haiti every November. “I’ve gone there every year since the summer of 2012, and it has honestly just become a part of who I am,” she said. Although she enjoys going there and helping the community, she still allows it to serve as an opportunity to help her grow. She stated, “I am really hoping to work on my nursing degree and receive my LPN because it will really benefit my job in the future.”

As she graduates from McKendree University, she plans to obtain a major in political science with a legal studies minor. “I am hoping to go to graduate school at SLU law school,” she said.

Beliefs are something that is really important to Christin on her journey through life. “Everything I do and aspire to be is guided by my faith in God,” she said. She acts in kindness towards many and stays involved to ensure that she has a voice in whatever she believes in. She also states that she is dependent on love and support from her family as well as her friends.

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