Spring is Here

By Kendra Brackman

Contributing Writer

Believe it or not, March is already here and halfway over!  With the conclusion of spring break, there are only seven weeks of classes left.  With the nice weather, it’s difficult to concentrate.  If time permits, take a study break and enjoy the outdoors.  You can even take your study session outside!  During the week, you can usually catch a baseball or softball game.  Lacrosse is also in season right now.  If sports are not your thing, maybe try taking a walk or riding a bike around Lebanon.  One of my favorite spring time activities is getting ice cream from Dairy Queen on McKendree Monday or Thursday and sitting outside to enjoy it.  Keep in mind that the quad is always open for whatever activities you and your friends would like to engage in.

I know we all have summer on the brain, but there is still a lot to do before we can officially relax.  Housing needs to be completed, classes have to be planned and you can’t forget about finals.  Planning housing is an exciting time.  It serves as a fresh start to the upcoming school year.  Don’t like your current roommates?  That’s okay, request someone else for next year.  You don’t like the dorm life?  There are plenty of other housing options.  McKendree West is available for everyone except freshmen.  Options also include Hunter Street, Monroe Street, Perryman and various off-campus places.  After housing is all figured out, classes for next fall need planned.  Choosing classes is as easy as sending your advisor a quick email to set up a meeting.  Most advisors are more than happy to help out and figure out a plan.  Take advantage of these helpful resources.

Photo by Emily Lucia
Photo by Emily Lucia

Finals, everyone’s favorite time of year.  Yes, it’s almost that time again, but after they are done, it’s summer!  Whatever you do, don’t wait until the last second to begin preparing for finals.  Your motivation and drive may be shot, but give them your all.  You’ll only thank yourself later.  For seniors, this is your last semester.  That means it’s your last finals; how exciting?!  Don’t stress too much about them.  Preparation is key.  Your professors do not want you to fail, but you have to put forth the appropriate effort.  All professors have office hours-use them.  There are also numerous tutors available.  Once again, take advantage of all of these resources.

College will come and go just like that.  Have fun, and regret nothing.  Before you know it, you will be a senior and wrapping up classes, job-hunting, and preparing yourself for the “real world.”  How scary!  For most of us, college is our last time of freedom.  Make the most of your college years, after all, everyone says they are the best; don’t prove them wrong.

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