McKendree Share Your Story

Assistant Editor

       McKendree Share Your Story is a play which was a part of Global Awareness Week at McKendree University. The unique play was directed by Michelle Magnussen and the theater department. The play had a cast of twelve actors who are students at the university. The cast members were Taylor Anderson, Mignon Biggs, Victoria Day, Joshua Fleming, Tyler W. Jewell, Carliann Huelsmann, Adam Kaul, Logun Norris, Dakota Reed, Shaniese Tally, Chloe this, Natalie Van Booven. The concept of the play was for the cast to tell different stories about the experiences various students have had at McKendree University. The set of the play was created to mimic different areas of the campus. For example, they had the tables and chairs that are used in 1828, they had the big couches that are used in Piper Lounge and they even had a bed and desk to make it look like a dorm room. They started the play by having one student come out and tell a small portion of how they felt when they first moved into their dorms or even if they were a commuter how they felt when they first stepped onto campus. Each cast member would rotate in and out, with a new story as the play continued. The set also had pictures of the buildings and of the statues that are placed around campus to represent McKendree. They shared the stories about dating in college and how sometimes young girls get carried away. Another story that was shared was how some students get to college and go wild because they was always monitored by their parents. So when they finally are able to be on their own they act out by not going to class, partying a lot and getting into trouble. Some more stories they shared were the stories about McKendree being haunted and how they had experiences with the ghost. One of the cast members even shared how they saw one of the ghost in their dorm room one night while she was doing homework. Overall, it was a good play and it was well produced and directed.

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