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Two weeks ago, McKendree University announced that they will change the graduation credit requirement from 128 to 120 credits. McKendree thought this adjustment would be a good idea for students, but the students have a few thoughts of their own.

Freshman James Stanley, whom is studying to graduate with an Economics and Finance major with a minor in Environment Studies, believed the change wasn’t very significant. He also thought it all depended on your degree.

“No matter what major you are pursuing, sometimes you will have to take more than 120 or 128 credit hours. It all depends on the degree’s requirements.”

Stanley also believed that the decrease in hours will be a time saver for some students because they wouldn’t need to take the extra elective classes. Overall, Stanley felt indifferent about the credit change, but he is committed to acquire all the credits necessary to graduate with his degrees.

For some students, to gain their degrees like Stanley, they must try to keep their heads in the books and multitask by keeping their heads in the game.

For sophomore Halle Devoe, whom is studying psychology, she must balance the weights of being a good full-time student and playing two sports during her time at McKendree.

However, Devoe believes that the credit reduction falls short in her expectations. From trying to balance her goal-oriented life, she feels unmoved from the administration’s decision. Devoe feels she is not far enough along in her academic career at McKendree. She mentioned that if the reduction were more significant like 15 credits, then she would feel more moved than she currently is. In her life, she is constantly studying and practicing her sports, so she really doesn’t believe that this change will aid her in her efforts.

“It’s not that big of a deal.”

Unlike Stanley and Devoe, some students at McKendree aren’t feeling so indifferent about the university’s administrative decision. Some of McKendree’s 2015 graduating students are upset at the decision being announced so close to their graduation. Senior Ricky Cooper, graduating in May with a degree in psychology, remains unpleased by the credit reduction.

For Cooper, he met his credit requirements a semester ago, but he was unable to graduation because he did not have the significant amount of credits needed. He felt as if he was taking unnecessary classes that didn’t pertain to his program. He believed that if the announcement came earlier, it would have opened more doors for early graduates, thus allowing more students jump into the real job market or graduate school.

Also, Cooper wished the requirement change would have been made before or after this current school year. He thought the announcement’s timing aggravated some of his fellow seniors. However, Cooper wasn’t angered with McKendree because he was able to learn more about his major and will be able to take that knowledge with him.

   “My time wasn’t wasted. It was just long overdue, but I do recommend taking extra classes to better yourself.”

Overall, the time and energy you put into your studies are what really matters when it comes to graduating from McKendree University. Students will always have different opinions about the credit decision, but the end goal should be making sure you are handed your diploma when the time is right for you.

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