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BY TEAGAN SCHWAB                                                                                                                    Staff Writer

Dr. Roxanne Beard, the new Associate Professor of Management and Director of the Master of Business Administration program, comes to McKendree after working 10 years as a faculty member at Ohio Dominican University. Beard earned her Bachelors of Science degree in Medical Technology, Masters of Business Administration and a PhD in Organization and Management. With all her background, she also brings her a love of students and learning.This love of learning pushed her to earn her doctorate degree to share her knowledge with students. Coming to McKendree was a no-brainer for Dr. Beard.

Dr. Beard
Dr. Beard

“Many of my colleagues work in and around St. Louis; they always said how great McKendree was. One of them called me and said McKendree has the perfect position for you!”

From leaving Ohio Dominican University, Dr. Beard believes McKendree is a slight change. Both universities are small liberal arts schools and have many sports teams. The campus teams remind Dr. Beard of her fencing days. She started fencing as a child and grew into a college athlete. Dr. Beard was one of the first groups of women to receive equal college scholarships to men. The setting of Lebanon wasn’t a big change for Dr. Beard either. She grew up in a smaller town than Lebanon in Northwestern Ohio.

“There were more cows than people, believe it or not.”

Before becoming an educator, Beard was an administrator of two Ohio hospitals. During her time at the hospitals she realized an MBA would help her immensely. She spent her time on the non-clinical side of the hospital eventually becoming the Assistant Vice President of Finances. During her time there, the hospital endured a nurse’s strike that almost shut it down. Poor leadership within the hospital caused the strike. Nurses were overworked and underpaid. It took 3 ½ years to turn around after the hospital was on its metaphorical deathbed. By helping turn around the hospital with other administrators, Beard learned the importance of great interpersonal skills and how to use all of the information to make a decision.

Beard’s research helps her to be on the top of her game academically. Beard has given over 30 workshops, her favorite being one on the importance of mindfulness. The workshop teaches teachers how to create a class around being mindful. She has also published a book chapter in the book titled Leveraging Diversity in a Virtual Context: Global Diversity and Cyber-Aggression. In her chapter she discusses working in businesses that have workers in different countries and how to work as a team.

Dr. Beard combines her experiences in the medical field and business world to bring a new perspective to the MBA program at McKendree. The program includes all of the usual business courses, but adds an emphasis on adult education. Dr. Beard’s passion and commitment to students will carry the McKendree University MBA program to the next level.

“My favorite part of my job is interacting with students and being a tiny part of their success.”

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