No Longer Flex-ible

BY GRACE MCDOWELL                                                                                                                 Staff Writer

Smoothies, Bearcat Burgers, Omelets. These are just a few of the items students love to enjoy at 1828. In years past, off campus students who did not have a meal plan still received anywhere from $50 to $150 a semester in free flex dollars. Beginning this year, those flex dollars were taken away.

1828 cashier Kaylyn Ruiz
1828 cashier Kaylyn Ruiz

Only students with a meal plan will receive those free flex dollars. This has changed the way some students plan their meals. Madelaine Zinser ’17 remarked “I now have to spend more money on groceries. Now I either have to plan packed lunches every day or walk back to cook. This takes away homework time I had during lunch.” However, it is not just the food students are missing out on.

“I lost a great networking opportunity. Students and professors meet in 1828 over lunch to discuss projects. I would get to know classmates better by working on homework at 1828”

There is an alternative way for students to purchase items at 1828, without using flex dollars. This new program is called Munch Money. Munch Money is an account that can be created at 1828 or Ames. For every $25.00 you put onto your Munch Money account you get a certain percentage off. Kaylyn Ruiz ’19, worker at 1828 explained “For example, if you add $100.00 to your Munch Money account, your beginning balance would be $112.00. Also, you are not charged the tax.” Munch Money is the new plan to allow students to eat at 1828 cheaply.

“Munch Money is a good way to save time and money! All you need is your ID!”

Student using Munch Money by scanning his ID.
Student using Munch Money by scanning his ID.

Across the board, students have voiced their concerns about the change, but now they are slowly adjusting to this new money system. If you would like to know more information about meal plans, flex dollars, or Munch Money please visit 1828, Ames, or

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