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BY WHITNEY HUFFINES                                                                                                               Contributing Writer

There are so many things that you can be worried about as you begin your freshman year of college.Classes.Money.Work.Especiallyif you live on campus, all those things are on your mind, but there is another major concern that’s in the forefront of everyone’s minds, ROOMMATES. So many questions fill your head: Will we get along? Will they be noisy, rude or even smelly? What if we don’t become friends?With all those questions in mind, how does one even successfully navigate freshman roommates?

If your mind continues to be boggled down with these questions, then here are some things you can do to try and help the situation. First, try talking about whatever the issue is with your roommate. Approach them calmly and don’t accuse. Find common ground. If the issue is a real problem for you, then offer solutions. If you tried that & the problem persists, then is it time to talk to the RA, Residence Assistant. An RA is a mentor, a friend and someone who has your back. Hope Waters, RA of Walton Hall, explained, “an RA’s purpose is to make sure your year goes smoothly and as stress free as possible.”. Your RA really does care about the wellbeing of their residences, so you can tell them what is going. They are there for you.

Freshman, Samantha Johnson, says, “my roommate and I get along very well and we are on their way to becoming lifelong besties.” They leave each other sticky notes with jokes, puns, and funny sayings. They are able to laugh together and cry together. “We are like the tinniest little family, and it is great!” However, not all first year roommates are as great as Sam’s. “The best thing I could suggest to people in bad situations would be to do something just you and your roommate. Just try to get into a situation where they feel like they can open up to you.”

Change can be hard, but it is part of life. There are many things at your disposal to help with issues you are having, just don’t be afraid to use them.

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