Leditor from the Editor

Hello everyone. My name is Lauren Reeves, and I am a Speech Communication major and Journalism minor. I was heavily involved in my high school’s news media program, which allowed me to develop skills like news writing, broadcast, web design, photography, and page layout. I hope to put these skills to good use as the new McKendree Review Editor-In-Chief.

We are always looking for more writers and photographers to freelance for us. If you are interested please contact me at lareeves@mckendree.edu or just email the Review email.

In addition, we have decided to post our issues and submissions online to our website, mckreview.com, every 15th of the month and print a hard copy paper on the last day of the month. Time sensitive submissions will be posted on our website as soon as possible. Print editions will also be mounted on the web. In addition, mckreview.com is now synced to our Facebook page to allow quicker sharing of articles.

Thank you for all of your support!

Happy Reading,
Lauren Reeves

Lauren Reeves Editor-In-Chief
Lauren Reeves

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