Greek Life? What’s that?

BY: ALLY DEITERS                                                                                                                                 Staff Writer

What is it about McKendree University that makes Greek Life less appealing or not as big as it could be? Could it be that we don’t have Greek housing where we could throw parties? Or could it be that it’s too expensive for students here? Or could it be that people don’t even know we offer it here because it’s not promoted very well? All of these reasons are very possible. We want to clear up all these questions and begin to make Greek Life a big organization on campus.

What does it mean to be Greek? It’s really not all about the partying, (like all the movies show us…) there is so much more to it. You learn leadership skills, participate in several service projects, have opportunities for networking and scholarships, and if you’re lucky, meet some of your best friends.

Joshua Hughlett, President of Alpha Delta Gamma, says, “Greek life isn’t that big here because people don’t hear about it and if they do, they don’t come to the events that are offered.”

This is one thing that could change very easily if people stepped out of their comfort zone and tried something new. Another reason that Greek Life may not be big is because McKendree is such a sport oriented school. About 80% of students are also involved in sports so they think that they will not have time for Greek Life. However, many students involved in sorority and fraternity life are also in sports!

So once you are part of Greek Life, what does that mean for you currently or even after you graduate? Kaylee Englund, President of Sigma Sigma Sigma, says, “Being Greek benefits me in several ways! I’ve learned to manage my time, delegate tasks, achieve what I thought was the unachievable, value others more, love one another, handle minor conflicts, set a good example, and I’ve learned what it means to be a woman of character. Having dealt with the various experiences within my organization, I feel as though I’ll be able to accomplish and handle anything after I graduate.”

Being Greek has all of the ups and downs to it, just like any other organization on campus. It’s how you choose to look at situations and how you choose to handle every them. “Don’t be afraid to take risks and always connect with people. You never know where certain relationships will lead.” says Greek member Marissa Lippert.

Common Asked Questions:

How much time does it take up?“It all depends on how much time you want to put into it. It could be a huge part of your daily life, but you may not be that involved in it if you wouldn’t want to.” says Hughlett

What’s it like being President? “Crazy! You catch yourself coming and going a lot. But it’s so much fun and such a great experience.” says Englund

How did you know what organization to choose when you went through recruitment? “I didn’t know who I was going to chose until literally the last second. But, I chose my organization because I felt like I fit in and I felt like they would support me through anything. I also saw myself as growing as a person within that organization.” says Englund

What is the difference between joining a social fraternity versus a professional or service fraternity? “The big difference turns into a social fraternity building social and communication skills while a professional fraternity focuses on a major or career field, and a service fraternity focuses on community service.” says Greek Life director Brandon Perjak

To get anymore information or if you have questions on to the office of sorority and fraternity life, please contact Patrick Meyer ( or Brandon Perjak (

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