How you know you are a McKendree Student

BY TEAGAN SCHWAB                                                                                                                           Staff Writer

How you know you are a McKendree student…

1.You wish someone in your class would get hurt so you classroom gets switched to PAC.

We all dread the email that says our class got switched to third floor of Old Main. Don’t lie to yourself; you are secretly wishing that someone falls down the stairs or breaks their leg so you can move back to PAC.

2.Your favorite color is purple.

Even if your favorite color isn’t purple, it will be. You also enjoy saying “We wear purple on Fridays.”

3.You’re not sure what weather to dress for: outside, PAC or Old Main.

Dressing in layers is key. It is 98 degrees outside, 60 degrees in PAC and 85 degrees in Old Main. So yes, grab a sweatshirt, parka and your deodorant because you will be experiencing all weather patterns today.

4.You dread classes on the third floor.

No conditioning will ever prepare you to walk up the stairs in Carnegie.

5.You are involved with at least two organizations or sports.

You are leaving class in Eisenmayer and your car is parked next to MPCC and you have to run home to get your practice clothes and you have negative six minutes to do so. You’ll be showing up to class or an organization meeting drenched in your own sweat.

6.Part of daily small talk includes being asked if you play a sport. 

All hell breaks loose because someone decides to say something isn’t a sport because there is no defense.

7.You eat Dairy Queen on Mondays.

If you aren’t receiving 50% off on Mondays you should seriously reconsider your life decisions.

8.You have a mental breakdown when blackboard is down for maintenance. 

“It is 11:30 p.m. and my quiz is due at midnight.”

9.You jump out of bed when you get a text from the mailroom.


10.You stick around campus when it’s hot outside just in case Dr. Dennis brings out the ice cream cart.

The unnecessary sweating is most definitely worth it.

11.You have been invited to a meal with a teacher or faculty member.

Let’s be honest…it’s gonna be a good time.

12.You have received a phone call from your professor asking where you are.

If you don’t answer expect a long-winded message from your class on speakerphone.

13.You walk into the IT department looking for the PAC lab.

Sorry. It’s still not there.

14.You have seriously considered stealing one of the campus golf carts for a joy ride.

Who leaves a shiny purple golf cart with the keys in it?

15.You know specific times that prime parking is available.

Thursdays around 2 o’clock on Stanton Street and Saturday mornings. Don’t even try to get a parking spot on Sunday night

16.You are a Bearcat for life.

Even after we graduate, we will cherish the memories and tradition of good old McK.

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