Are we “Lost”?

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Being unable to find one’s way or not knowing one’s whereabouts would perfectly define this television show. Over six seasons, critics have ranked Lost consistently among the top television series of all time. During the summer, I took a chance on this show and have no regrets. Through the suspense and drama, I began to wonder if they would ever escape the island.

The plotline can be misleading at times, but it provides plot twists that are unmatched by other television shows. Lost follows survivors of a commercial plane crash and how they landed on a mysterious tropical island in the Pacific Ocean. The show implements flashbacks and foreshadowing to explain more about the survivors. Throughout each season, the survivors try to find a way to get off the island but are faced with tough decisions and adversity. Lost has a fictional plotline but relates to reality well. I get a sense of conflict between faith and science through the characters. Some believe that God will rescue them and are less worried, while others use other means to try to escape.

There are various battles throughout the series that are intense, but as you near the end, everything starts to piece itself together and leaves you with a sense of curiosity to form your own judgment about what you think occurred. Never once did I want to skip through the episodes because each one had significance, and if you were to skip it, you would be totally lost.

McKendree student Brandon Moody says this was one of his favorite shows he’s seen while here at McKendree. “If you have free time, I suggest you watch Lost. It will definitely have you anxious to watch the next episode; there’s no down time,” Moody says.

The actors are unbelievably talented in this drama series. Matthew Fox, who plays as Jack Shephard, and Evangeline Lilly, who plays as Kate Austen, were amazing. Shephard was a spinal surgeon before the plane crash and ends up becoming the leader on the island among the survivors; but his past eventually catches up to him. Austen was second-in-command on the island and was known for her problem-solving abilities. Each character has their own background, and each piece fits into the puzzle perfectly. That is what makes Lost unique.

Lost was one of the highlights of my summer. I urge you to check it out. All six seasons are now streaming on Netflix, so all you have to do is give it a chance. You won’t be disappointed.

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