BSO brings culture to campus

As we all know, Black History Month is upon us so we should take a step back and reflect on how we have changed and grown as a society. To help us do this, McKendree’s Black Student Organization (BSO) is going to lead activities all month. Check out the events and broaden your eyes to history.


African-American Dance Night
February 16th in the Eisenmeyer Auditorium at 6:30PM
This event is lead by an West Africa dancer, he will teach the participants about the importance of African Dancing and how therapeutic it is, and also teach all participants some of his famous dance moves.

Movie: Retribution
February 19th in PAC 116 at 6PM
Filmmaker David Kirkman from Webster University, will come to showcase his film and have an open discussion about the film and the film industry, and also questions about entrepreneurs.

Munchin on History
February 24th in the Lair at 9AM (Free Continental Breakfast)
This event is lead by Benjamin Garrett, a famous pianist and music composer, he worked with artists such as Krik Franklin, Jahiem, Marquette Brown-Clark, and Tyler Perry. He will come in speaking on the historical figures of biblical black women, and the Black History from the late 1800’s until 1960’s.

BSO Cares(Sandwich Makers)
February 25th in PAC 214 at 6:30PM
BSO will host a night if service, which we will make handmade sandwiches and donate them to the HUD housing shelter in town. The goal is to provide sandwiches for 60 people in need or more.

For more information please contact BSO President Shya Carr (

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