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As if dressing for the polarized temperature in Old Main and PAC isn’t enough, Mother Nature seems to have other plans. One day, the proper attire for the freezing temperature is a snowsuit and mittens and the next, sandals and shorts.

Even if it is cold outside, by the time you speed walk up the hill and climb the stairs of Old Main you feel as though you just made it to the top of Mt. Everest and found the Sahara desert. Forget everything your common sense tells you; no matter how cold it is, you will be drenched in sweat by the time you make it up to 301 Old Main. You won’t be able to shed your layers fast enough.

So, as an intelligent student of McKendree University, the logical next step would be to prepare better the next day. Dressed in many layers with a scarf and a hat, heading to class, it seems oddly warmer than the day before. Walking out of your first class, your eyes are burned by the bright yellow thing that people from California and Florida call the sun. Mother Nature has bamboozled you once again. Each step further into the light brings more disdain and sweat.

Meredith O’Brien sheds light on the problems of rapid temperature shifts. “Weather changes suck because I get sick when it gets cold. Then as soon as I get used to the temperature and start feeling better, it changes to warm. And then I get sick again because of allergies!”

Recently, the temperatures have been abnormally high for the month of February. On Feb. 7, the predicted high temperature from weather.com was 54 degrees with a low of 28 degrees. The very next day, Feb. 8, was predicted to be a high of 30 degrees and a low of 15 degrees.

Weather Forecast, courtesy of Weather.com

Sophomore Asti Hastings states that she doesn’t enjoy the unusual temperatures. “I think it sucks because when it gets warm you get used to it and put away all your cold weather clothes, and then it gets cold again.”

But not all Bearcats despise the weather patterns of the Midwest. Robert Watkins, a sophomore business administration major, points out that the change of weather can be nice. “I personally love the Midwest weather,” he says. “It gives you a taste of everything.” Although he likes the changes, his favorite season is fall, when it is 60-70 degrees outside.

Whether you loathe the temperamental tendencies of Mother Nature or love them, hopefully we can all agree a snow day here and there would be nice. Mother Nature, send us some snow!

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