Don’t mock the vote Nov. 8

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On Tuesday, Nov. 1, McKendree’s Phi Kappa Phi honor society invited faculty, staff and students to make their voices heard about the upcoming election. From 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the Piper Academic Center (PAC) lobby everyone had the chance to cast their electronic vote in a mock presidential election. If you decided to participate by casting your vote, you received a cookie of your choosing. Also, to show off your McKendree spirit as you vote you could have snagged a picture with our beloved mascot Bogey!


Phi Kappa Phi President Dr. Rob Van Putte wanted to provide this opportunity for McKendree because he knows it’s important to vote because it’s your civic duty. “We live in a country where we decide who governs us. The only way to do this is to vote,” says Van Putte. The purpose of the mock election was two-folded according to the Phi Kappa Phi President. “We wanted to host an event that would expose our chapter to the campus community at large. Through this event we hope to partially fill our mission [to engage the community of scholars]. Also, he knew that this event would engage our McKendree community by getting us thinking and talking about the upcoming presidential election.


Student Max Aviles participated in the mock vote to ensure his vote was heard on McKendree’s campus. “It helps to cultivate a sense of civic activism here on campus and proves to students the importance of making our voices heard on election day,” says Aviles. “It helps us to identify the issues and themes that are important to our university. Voting in this election will help us, as McKendree students, speak to the direction that we want to see our country take over the next four years.”


Even though this election hosted by McKendree’s chapter of Phi Kappa Phi was not the real deal, it is still important for everyone to get out to the polls on Nov. 8. For many McKendree students, this will be the first election to vote in as a registered American voter.

Many students will have opinions on the results of the election, but students should take the time to create an opinion on voting in general. Students like Shaquille Armstrong, McKenna Scaturro and Himani Patel made sure their voices were heard.

“It is important to vote because every voice should be heard in this noisy world,” said Shaquille Armstrong.

“We are the future of America,” said McKenna Scaturro. “A lot of decisions that these lawmakers will be making directly influence and/or involve us and it’s important for us to be a part of choosing who gets into office and who stays in office. It’s not just about the Presidential Election either; congressional and local elections are just as important, if not more important. We have to make our voices be heard, and this is one of the easiest ways to do that.”

“Vote to have a say in your future!” said Himani Patel.

“Voting is not a requirement, but I believe it to be a responsibility and duty to our country. As a collective, it is pertinent to vote in elections; not only for the presidential election, but also for local elections, referendums, and Constitutional amendments. In addition, there are numerous propositions on each state’s ballot that could potentially impact your or others quality of life. Remember: it’s not just the President on the ballot; make sure to do your research and use your voice!” said Olivia Seppinni.

During the mock election, only 286 McKendree persons voted. However, with those votes they could make their voice heard. The poll results show the Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton took the win with 44.8% of the vote.

Voting results.
Voting results.

Everyone is encouraged to not mock the vote on Nov. 8 and find their respective voting poll for the 2016 Presidential Election.

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