Get Ready For the Doorbuster Dash

By Emily Davis, Contributing Writer

College not only prepares you for the workforce but also teaches you how to live on a ridiculously small budget. Living with these financial constraints makes Black Friday and Cyber Monday a haven for students needing electronics or appliances that are extremely expensive at regular price. In recent years, stores and consumers have been moving away from the dangerous stampedes of Black Friday to a safer discount shopping experience on Cyber Monday. Nevertheless, there are some amazing deals on Black Friday that may outweigh the danger.   Throughout this article, I will be highlighting some of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday advertisements that appeal specifically to students.

For students in need of a new pair of shoes, check out the deals Nike is dishing out. For a list of all the products in the sale visit this link.

Nike 2017 Black Friday ad

Computers are another necessity for students and, as technology becomes old or outdated, often need to be replaced. Best Buy is having a great Black Friday sale on laptops, along with many more deals in other departments. To look at the complete list, follow this link and select Item List instead of Ad Scan.

Best Buy Black Friday ad

With the holidays right around the corner, it is important to have the right equipment on hand for all the cooking that will need to be done. Crockpots also come in handy when preparing dinner during our busy schedules; grab your ingredients, throw them in the pot, go to class, and come home and eat! Sears is hosting a deal on many kitchenware items including crockpots. Sears, like Best Buy, has a vast amount of deals going on in other departments. For the complete list follow this link.

Sears Black Friday ad

To fill the monotony of winter break, grab some cheap videogames to play. Walmart is running deals on video games and consoles for Black Friday, and while some of the games may still be a bit pricey, they are offering bundles at a fair price. To see all of Walmart’s Black Friday deals, follow this link. Also, keep an eye on GameStop’s website for the release of their Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Walmart Black Friday ad

As we draw nearer to Black Friday, more deals and ads will begin to surface. I have also found that many stores are waiting to post their Cyber Monday deals until Black Friday. While this is a little inconvenient, you can make sure to check off the rest of your Black Friday list on Cyber Monday. Stay safe, and happy shopping!

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  1. Personally, I cannot go out on Black Friday because it has gotten way too intense over the years. Often times the Cyber Monday deals are just as good without the hassle! There are some great deals in here and I will definitely be checking some of them out during my shopping!

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