When at McKendree….| A Student Experience in Pictures

By Essence White, Contributive Writer

All Photo Credits by Essence White




When at McKendree, I go on my daily hike to the West Clubhouse from my apartment. Then I wait for the Bogey Bus which decides to take its sweet time to get here. One bus, out of the two that run every day, is supposed to arrive every 10 to 15 minutes. The real way they operate is when one bus shows up, the other bus shows up right behind it.


When at McKendree, I go to 1828 for a quick bite to eat. It’s only a 30-minute wait for five chicken wings and some fries. So. Convenient.


When at McKendree, I rush to get to class on time. Five minutes before the class I am rushing to get to, I get an email that class is canceled and the bus leaves right at that moment. This means I have to wait for the bus in the cold for 10-15 minutes again, get on the bus, and rewalk the long and cold hike back to my apartment.


When at McKendree, I get many looks from people who have never seen an African American in-person before in their life. I get it. Most people here come from small towns where there are literally little to no people of color. Or maybe they look at me because my last name is ironic hence to my appearance. For instance when I go to the mail room and I have to address myself by my last name White.


When at McKendree, I walk up the horror that is the creaky, dusty, eerie, lengthy, towering, oxygen stealing Carnegie Hall stairs.


When at McKendree, I wake up to random things thrown outside my apartment. Last month it was fast food trash. This month it’s old pumpkins. If I’m lucky, maybe in January it will be broken Christmas lights.


When at McKendree, I always find the free food. I’ve gotten food at events that have absolutely nothing to do with my major. There was no reason to be there except for the food. Do I always get the food? Absolutely.


When at McKendree, I dress up in many layers to combat the brutal blizzard winds that make all 5’3 of me crash to the ground. The issue is when I get to class I am instantly melted to death by the heaters and their blazing heat. It’s like they’re laughing watching me suffer.


When at McKendree, the printers always know that you are in a rush to print out an assignment in the morning before class. So naturally, they decide not to work.


When at McKendree, evil professors purposely plan all the big end of the year projects and essays to be due on the exact same day.


When at McKendree, students like to stick straws into the quarter slots in the laundry machines so they can do laundry for free.


When at McKendree, I indulge in the exclusive spot in the library for introverts to work peacefully on campus. Perks of going to a small university.


When at McKendree, unlike most students, I actually cook my own food every single day. I don’t have the luxury of going out to buy food from a fancy dollar menu.


When at McKendree, for the first time in my five semesters here so far, I finally got to enjoy the awesome, wonderful, and delicious food at the restaurant 1814 which other students get to enjoy weekly. I shed a few tears because of how I desperately I need to get out more. Then I wiped my tears with the rest of my burger and went about my day.


Because of McKendree, I have become a much better person than who I was three years ago. Yes McKendree has its quirks but so do I. I love my college, my major, and the people I interact with here on a daily basis.


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