They Think They Have All The Time in The World: A Mini Rant

By Victoria Sananikone, Contributive Writer

Disclaimer: the topic I am soon going to vent about I fall prey to as well. As a mere mortal, I am far from perfect, and the last title I want my character to be granted is that of a hypocrite. The topic at hand is one that reigns high in my hierarchy of pet peeves. Those who actively seek out tasks or distractions to further procrastinate on activities that they find daunting or are merely too lazy to do have the ability to leave me fuming. Once again, at times I find myself making excuses to get out of something I don’t want to do or merely chop down the amount of time that I have to do it, but resolving this concept will astronomically benefit my life, as well as anyone’s life.

So I’m on the pool deck, stretching and mingling until coach assembles us in a huddle to discuss the day’s practice dynamics presented on multiple copies of paper. We finish and walk back to our lanes, ready to paste the paper on a kickboard and grant it a swift dunk into the water so that it will stick. Coincidentally, some people “forgot” to get kickboards for their lane, and instead of diving in the water to begin practice, they walk across the pool to retrieve a kickboard at the same rate it takes my mom to text one sentence with her index finger on her iPhone. For those who have never met my mother, she texts at the speed of a sloth high on the ganja.

I watch as they roam to the other side of the pool, dragging their feet to increase the amount of time they’re out of the pool to skip the highest amount of practice that they can. It pains me to watch this, my subconscious taunting me to charge at them and launch myself into their body so they’ll fly into the pool and be forced to start the workout along with everyone else. This remedy seems extreme, but there are those who repeat their sloth-like shenanigans every day. Once they retrieve their kickboard, the process to return to the other side of the pool rolls around again, but by then I have already torn my eyes away from the horror to dive into the pool and begin my workout.


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  1. I enjoyed your rant. Unfortunately, you were right about my texting:( I thought it was a very clever description:)

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