The Perfect Valentine’s Day Date

By Sophie Jeffery, Editor

Valentine’s Day is coming up fast!  Have you decided where to take your sweetheart this year?  We at the Review have come up with a few Valentine’s Day dinner ideas for all sorts of budgets, right here in the metro-east!  

Dining Out

4204-Main Street Brewing Company has a great Valentine’s special planned.  For $80, you and your date can enjoy an open bar (if you are 21, of course), appetizers, a choice of three entrees, and dessert buffet.  Check out their facebook post for more information and call to make reservations ASAP!  

The Wine Tap is putting on their annual Valentine’s Day 4 course meal again, and the menu looks delicious: including cheeses, a salad, plenty of options for entrees (there is even a vegetarian one), and of course chocolate covered strawberries for dessert!  The meal is $35.99 per person, and despite the name of the location, the event is open to patrons under twenty-one until 10pm.  For more details, head to their facebook event and give them a call to reserve your table.  

For a more casual dinner option, head over to Dewey’s Pizza and split an Edgar Allen Poe pizza (a personal favorite), or whatever else suits your fancy.  Or for a less traditional meal, head to Saigon for a big bowl of pho and spring rolls!  


Illustrated by Benjamin Richter

Staying In

One of my favorite at-home date nights is a wine (or sparkling juice) and cheese night!  Head to Schnucks, Dierbergs, or Aldi’s and pick out a few yummy cheeses, crackers, olives, green apples, a small jar of preserves, and of course your beverage of choice and you are all set.  

Another idea is to turn the meal preparation into the date!  Browse online for a few recipes you would like to try, go buy groceries, and then cook together!  Turn it into a competition by letting one person take control of dinner and the other dessert.  Or, for even more competition you could agree on a basket full of ingredients and hold an episode of Chopped right in your kitchen!  

But maybe you and your significant other are not in the mood to cook, instead you could turn a typical “Netflix and Chill” evening into something a little more special by building a fort! order a pizza, pick up some battery-operated candles, and choose a romantic comedy to snuggle up and watch together.  

I hope this list has been helpful to all you lovebirds out there!  Did I miss anything?  Let us know in the comments below, and have a lovely Valentine’s Day!  

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