Black Panther Review

By Kyle Boldin

Contributing Writer


5 thoughts on “Black Panther Review

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  1. Black Panther was indeed an amazing movie. It was one of the best that I’ve watched in movies. I thought the review was very honest and unbiased.

  2. I think this article is well written and gives those who read it an idea of what they are to look forward to seeing. This article makes me want to see the movie and think more in depth of what all it has to offer and what the movie can really show.

  3. I like the review and I also believe that the movie is enriched in African culture. That is why it had so much success in theaters. The African culture helped enhanced the movie because of Marvel Fans and Fans that wanted to see an African-American based cast star in a big budget movie.

  4. Well written article, I agree that Black Panther has a lot to offer and is very intriguing. Black Panther is definetly one of a kind and a historic moment in African/African-American culture.

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