Illinois’ Republican Candidate -Mike Bost

By Kenneth Spisak

Mike Bost is from Murphysboro, Illinois and has represented Illinois as a member of the Illinois House of Representatives, on behalf of the 115th district from 1995-2015. Now, Bost is a representative for Illinois’ 12th congressional district after emerging victorious in the 2014. Mike Bost likes to be known as one of the people and not just a politician by being a “passionate voice of the people of Southern Illinois.” A solid example of him being “one of the people” is his background of being in the United State Marine Corps, a firefighter, a small business owner, and working for his uncle and dad’s trucking business. Mike got involved in the local politics in his hometown of Murphysboro but was irritated with the federal government’s way of treating small town businesses, so he hopped in his metaphorical car and put his foot on the gas to win the race.

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Bost was a frustrated small business owner and decided to run for the Illinois House because of his patience wearing thin of the government’s “do not cross” tape and restrictions that stalled economic growth. The Republican himself defeated an incumbent to represent “the most Democratically held district outside the Chicago area at the time,” according to his website

Once Bost assumed his seat to represent Southern Illinois, he has been a gigantic advocate for Southern Illinois’ coal industry, educational institutions, agriculture, protecting gun rights, and many more aspects of the lives of the folks in Illinois. He is an outspoken critic of the government’s growing role in the people’s everyday lives. Bost believes it is “vitally important to bring Southern Illinois values to Washington,” and to not dismiss the district.

Photo by Chuck Raasch, Post-Dispatch

Since Mike has been in office, he has helped the coal miners and steel workers of Southern Illinois by giving them benefits and ensuring them more safety and security. “We very much appreciate the support Congressman Bost has given both active and retired coal miners and their families, especially in such difficult times as the coal industry is experiencing today,” said the United Mine Workers of America (U.M.W.A.) International President Cecil E. Roberts described Bost as having a “strong voice in support of our members is an inspiration to us all.”

The Republican candidate enjoys helping preserve the agriculture in Southern Illinois as well. According to the Bost website and campaign, “protecting our agricultural economy is vital to the sustainability of Southern Illinois.” This is why Mr. Bost has fought to reduce the burdens that strangle our farmers here in the southern portion of Illinois. He has also made it a priority to provide these men and women with what they need to moderate the risks using a fiscally responsible way through the Farm Bill and many other ways to ensure the agriculture in his district is in good shape.

Candidate Bost also has the priority of accessible and affordable healthcare. He believes that the men and women he represents should have the right to make their own health care decisions. This is why he backs up businesses and other associations to put together their own health plans and gather up a larger health care premium discount from major health insurers. Along with making healthcare accessible and affordable, Bost also believes that Social Security and Medicare should not leave the people’s lives. He believes those who rely on it should not stress about the promises that were made by the government to them. Bost is on the opposition’s side when it comes to privatizing and raising the retirement age or even increasing the payroll tax. According to Bost’s campaign, “Congress must work together to prevent the financial collapse of these programs… and ensure its longevity for current and future generations,” which brings me to my next portion of his campaign.

Mike Bost wants to reel in the government spending. Money is not free, but some people in D.C. think it is there to spend while Mike believes it is there to save. Due to this mindset by the government, the deficits continue to grow and begin to place a harsh burden on future generations. He relates it to how people in Illinois balance their own household budgets, believing Congress should be held to the same standards and be responsible for the future of the American population.

Bost has many other issues he would like to tackle by being elected to Congress such as keeping the second amendment and supporting gun rights, moving the economy forward, moving towards energy independence, and providing for the military are at the top of Bost’s agenda. He plans to represent the 12th district in a positive way, and plans for Southern Illinois to benefit from him sitting in Congress.

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