Getting sick? Not with us!

By Magdalena Knapp, Editor


A college student has a stressful life: You rush from one class to the next one, to the library, the computer lab, study groups, study tables, and many other places. The minutes between one class and the following are counted, and you sometimes barely have time to use the bathroom or check your phone, not imagining time to get sick! The campus and dorms are great places to be around for students, but also for bacteria. A dorm room is the perfect environment for all sorts of diseases and infections. To avoid getting sick, we can need all the help we can get. The McKendree Review talked to Lesa Auten, medical assistant from McKendree University and found out some helpful tips for you to stay healthy and kick off this spring semester 2019!


Lesa Auten has been the medical assistant at McKendree University for 4 years now. The best part about her job is being in touch with the students and help them on a regular basis. The office of Health Services is never empty. Around 20-25 students visit every day with all kinds of needs. During the winter season the most common sicknesses are flu, colds, sore throats and strep. All of them are easily transmitted where people live together in a small space, such as a dorm room.

The office of Health Services is booming during finals week and midterm exams. Lesa explains why: “Students lack sleep, are stressed and don’t eat properly. All this plays into illness. Mental and physical health are very much so intertwined.” During this time of the year it is even more important to take care of our bodies because they are under a lot of stress. Small things can help to prevent getting sick. “Rule number one is hand washing. Fruits and veggies, vitamins, juices, lots of water, and a healthy diet in general help you from getting sick,” says Lesa.


Dorm rooms are a luxury hotel for germs and bacteria. To keep them out of your dorms make sure to clean on a regular basis. Clean not only the floors, but also door knobs, toilet handles, faucets and your desks. Athletes oftentimes share water bottles during practices and games. Big no-go! Everyone should have his or her own water bottle always with them. If you forget it, use a water fountain instead.

If all precautions and prayers not to get sick did not help and the sickness sneaked into your immune system, Lesa has a few helpful hints for you on how to recover faster: “If you come to health and services for medications, take them all. We also give out Emergen-C and sell extra for 25 cents a pack. Hot teas with honey, especially local honey.” Staying hydrated is very important not only for athletes but for everyone. It is hard for student-athletes to miss practice because of various reasons, but sometimes, especially in the case of a sickness, even a small break is very beneficial to you.


Health Services is always happy to inform students on how to stay healthy in this stressful time of their lives. They have free medications for their students, Band-Aids, hand sanitizer, and many other things. If you ever need a quiet space to hang out, feel free to go there and study or relax.

Health Services operation hours:

Appointment hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Wednesday & Friday 8:30 a.m. – 2 p.m.

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