Bryce Vine – The Ready Room

By Jordan Heberg, Contributing Writer

Photo credits: Jordan Heberg

On the night of the Bryce Vine concert, the Ready Room was packed with many people ready to listen to the fun music Bryce was about to play. Bryce Vine was giving me Fresh Prince swag at Ready Room. Clocking a constant smirk that said, “I got this,” Vine proved that the humblest move you can make is to believe in yourself. While some may categorize him as a “new artist,” for a decade he hustled and worked on creating “the star” he is today.


If someone told me that there are a million hours of concert footage from every great performer in Bryce’s basement, I would say, “Of course.” He understands that it’s not simply about meeting or manipulating your audience’s energy; it is about surpassing it. Nobody in that room was more excited, more charismatic, or dancing more than Bryce Vine. I thought that was excellent, I loved how he included everyone in the audience, band, and even staff. You could tell he was happy more people were recognizing him for that. At his show, he felt like a supernova we all had to reach, but kept on running into the fact that we were a galaxy away.


Not everyone can make theatricality look casually cool, but Bryce Vine is a performer because he can. Pretending to talk on the phone with your hand, randomly sticking out your tongue, doing a sporadic jumping jack on a slow beat; these are all things that, in public, look absurd. Yet, Bryce Vine did them all. He is in constant motion; inventing dancing moves and hand gestures on the spot, and he does not even know he is doing it. For him, performance is an energy. He focused on introducing new tracks, that were pure bops, and proving the stamina of his voice. He was ready to show everyone who Bryce Vine was.

For all that Bryce Vine moves and shakes, he was always texturing and pitching his voice like perfection. From “Sunflower Seeds” to “Drew Barrymore,” the crowd sang with such passion to show Bryce they supported him. It was clear they wanted him to know he was loved in his sold-out, headlining show. Yet, his performance showed the love was deserved. His sound shows that you can take pop song/rhythm, and fuse every other genre into it so that it is something original and unforgettable. Unforgettable, just like my experience at this concert at the Ready Room. He made the dark, crowded room like up with excitement and smiles solely by his music. Bryce Vine made a name for himself that night.


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