National Emergency?

By Caden Owens

Featured Image from The National Review

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It’s a national emergency. Millions at the border are being deported, beaten, gassed, and separated from families. It’s a national emergency. Criminals are streaming into the country to rape and pillage – while the human rights being abused go unchecked at the border, this is the message that’s being portrayed, and the message that’s being ignored. It’s a national emergency. That’s all we can hear. We need a wall. It’s what the solution must be to stop these illegals.

That’s what we call these people; that’s how we dehumanize them. So when the news seldom reports that we are treating the migrants with subhuman conditions and actions, no one will bat an eye. If they are illegal, if they are alien, then they do not deserve the same rights that each American deserves. This is the motive behind this rhetoric. While some dismiss the rhetoric, we cannot ignore how Trump speaks.

To ignore is to be ignorant. To allow ourselves to become ignorant only perpetuates the desensitization that has occurred from the volatile rhetoric of the Trump administration. They rely on this ignorance to administer their plans across our nation. Our participation in this ignorance makes us complicit in the actions taken by the administration.

Image from the Atlantic

When Trump says there is a national emergency at the border, he is not wrong. It is one manufactured by himself, his administration and the US federal government. It is one of the people seeking asylum, ones seeking a better life in the United States. The true emergency is the denial and treatment of these people. We beat, gas and separate children from their families at the border. Thousands of children will never be re-united with their parents again. This is an emergency. Trump’s rhetoric with the wall, the warnings of drugs and gangs are only diversions to avoid answering for the inhumane actions taken at the border.

When Trump says there is a national emergency, he is right. It’s one drawn by the government to decide how our officials are elected. They crack and pack us into groups that will dilute or consolidate our votes to limit how much we matter. This allows the majority to vote one way but the minority party to hold control. The 2018 election is a prime example. The democrats won by millions of votes but barely took control of the House and did not gain ground in the Senate. We are a first world country, we are a democracy, we are the leader of the free world, yet we still allow for these injustices to occur. A national emergency is the fact that our democracy is being beaten down into something lesser, into something more authoritarian.

Image from Encyclopedia Britannica

Most are given a voice in the United States. The majority needs to utilize this voice. It happens in protests, in speeches and in the ballot box. Only 50% of eligible voters are not enough. It takes those with a voice to give voices to the voiceless. It takes the majority to give access to privileges for the minority. A government ran by anything less than the will of the people is something we cannot stand for.

This is a call for those with a voice to use it! This is a call to step into the light, to start a change in this country. To ignore is to be complicit and I am tired of being complicit; I am tired of hearing people be complicit in these actions. This is a call to step away from doing nothing and a step towards action. This is a call for each individual with the ability to enact change because we do have a national emergency. It is not the one in the news. It’s one caused by the United States. The only way to change this is to force the change. This is a call for YOU to change and to vote that change into the United States federal government, the individual state governments and local governments around you. It is time for a change and we are the key.

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