ATHLETIC Excellence Celebration

By Magdalena Knapp, Editor

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80% of students on campus have a double life: They get up before dawn, put on their athletic attire and work out before the sun is even completely out. Then they go back to their dorms, shower, grab their backpacks and head to class. After class they sometimes squeeze in another workout before devoting the rest of their day to homework and studying. Being an athlete in college is a huge commitment and requires a lot of time management skills and desire, the desire to achieve goals, become better and stronger every day, and represent McKendree at tournaments, meets and games in the best way possible.

Towards the end of the school year we tend to forget what huge impact and successes our athletes on campus had throughout the year. We celebrate academic successes during the week of April 22nd with a whole day dedicated to all sorts of academics accomplisments. This is why your McK Review team wants to turn the spotlight to McKendree’s athletes and sports teams next week!

Next week will all be about athletes, sports and athletic accomplishments – stay tuned and enjoy our Athletic Excellence Celebration Week!

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  1. Fun idea! Students put so much time and effort into their sport and this is much deserved recognition.

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