“McKendree” Rec Plex

By Jordan Heberg, Contributing Writer

Pictures by Jordan Heberg

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Realistically, there are many problems at McKendree University. There is limited parking, the awful housing process, Ames food, and horrendous Wi-Fi, but the issue that sticks out the most to me is how students do not have a free membership to the Rec Plex. Being a student athlete, not having a free membership to the Rec Plex doesn’t seem to make sense. The workout places here at McKendree are not up to date, they are always too busy, or they aren’t open late enough for some students. Therefore, McKendree students should have free access to all equipment at the Rec Plex.

As a student athlete at McKendree we have various places to work out at and many athletes enjoy getting extra work in by doing their own workouts on their own time. However, a majority of the time the facilities are closed or there are too many students in there to get a full workout in. The fitness center is hardly open because of issues with the facility based on the equipment in there. The school insisted on trying to make it open 24 hours for the longest time, not very successfully. There are many problems with the equipment that is in the fitness center. For example, the weights and racks are out of date. Even the barbells are rusted out and there are weight sizes that are missing which makes it hard to get the right amount for any exercise. If someone wanted to run on a treadmill, there are only five available and they are the first thing to be taken up because most people want to run. Another thing that bothers a lot of people about the fitness center is how small it is. There is barely enough room to do any other type of work outs other than either lifting weights on the racks or using the running equipment.


The next place offered to McKendree students would be the Sports Performance Center. The Performance Center is perfect for athletes but the problem with this location is that it is only open to teams at certain times. Student-athletes cannot get into the facility without being a part of a team at their designated times for the team to lift. This is a big problem because the Performance Center is up to date on all the newest lifting equipment and is big enough for other activities other than lifting. For example, the Performance Center offers room for a cross fit type workout with running and box jumps. Another problem with the Performance Center would be that it is not open 24/7. It is closed after 8 PM and can only be reserved for specific times leading up to the closing time for teams. The Performance Center is more weight based and uses a large number of free weights rather than including machinery for the lower body and upper body.

With problems around the weight facilities at McKendree University campus, the Rec Plex should be allowed for free to all McKendree students. There are many positives that come along with Rec Plex being for free. Students can get all the newest lifting technology available instead of the rusted old equipment used in the Fitness Center. It doesn’t stop with weight lifting, the Rex Plex allows students to be introduced to more options. There is a swimming pool, two ice rinks, and a full track available for students to run on. At the Rec Plex there is plenty of room for anything that a student wants to do. The good thing about the Rec Plex is that you don’t have to worry about people getting in your way and you can get your work done and not wait for anyone to finish theirs. You can be to yourself, listen to music and get lost in working out and then once you’re done you feel accomplished and want to go back the following day because of how many opportunities are available at the Rec Plex. Even though the Rec Plex is not open 24 hours, it is still a great place to work out because of all the varieties that are available at the location.


With all the information that is provided about the following issues about the training facilities that are available at McKendree University there should be con sideration to allow a partnership to allow students to utilize the Rec Plex for free. It would benefit student-athletes tremendously and allow other students to use the other training facilities at the same time. The Performance Center and Fitness Center would be less occupied and would be able to have room for students to get their work in.

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  1. Students don’t get access because the Rec Plex is not owned by McK. Its just name affiliation.

  2. A full fledged partnership would cost money that the school “dosnt have” I wish it were more than just a name thing because I would actually use it

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