Mirrored Human Intention: The Art of Life

By Christopher Fernandez, Contributing Writer

There are many wonderful, beautiful, and tragic things that can be seen in life.  The truest expression of life is something that will always be sought out by individuals, but for some, that siren’s call is in the world of art. Art, while a wide-ranging discipline, can be boiled down to certain areas including musical arts, sculpting, and painting. On October 9th, Susan Bryant gave a Brown Bag presentation to showcase her art and what inspired the galleries she spoke about.

Bryant, a retired art professor and photographer from the Austin Peay University, was invited to McKendree University to give a Brown Bag speech, returning after five years.  She discussed a series that she was going to be unveiling on October 10th at the gallery in Lebanon by the name of “Happenstance,” featuring several of her tin types and photos. She also spoke on another one of her series that was based more in landscapes called “Southward,” which she had been working on for some time.

While the series was indeed impressive, what was more impressive were the lessons offered by Bryant that could be taken from her art. One such lesson was her quote “It’s not about the camera, it’s about the light.” What can be taken from this is the value in perspective and how a simple change in that can impact the product that will come out of the “photo.”


When asked about what she believed art could do for individuals, Bryant answered, “What is important about art is that it is a form of expression.  For individuals who cannot express themselves, visual art is about making something people connect to and draw inspiration from.”

The impact that art can have on an individual is what Susan Bryant primarily focused on in her Brown Bag presentation. If you are interested in seeing her work, attend her series at the gallery in Lebanon.

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  1. Thank you, Christopher, for shining a spotlight on this remarkable artist. And thank you to Professor MacLennan for enriching the intellectual climate of our campus community–again!

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