Vic’s Tuesday Tunes

By Victoria Sananikone, Editor

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Hello, fellow Review readers! Welcome to the first installment of Vic’s Tuesday Tunes, a new column that will be featured on the first Tuesday of each month (with an exception to January). As a lover of music, I thoroughly enjoy sharing my tunes with others who share my obsession or those who are simply looking for new music to listen to. The music listed below is what I have been frequently listening to within the past month. Not to tickle my own pickle, but I’d say that my taste in music is pretty fire. I can’t resist rewarding myself with a personal high five after creating a playlist, a masterpiece that will bless the ears of my fans (all of my 5 followers on Spotify). On the contrary, some of my friends, who I would rather refer to as ‘uncultured swines,’ believe that the music I listen to is too weird for their mundane ears. I find myself agreeing with them because it is true, but these odd tunes request a mind and a pair of ears that will appreciate their eccentric melody and find a deeper meaning within the unusual lyrics. None of the songs listed below fit into my personal perception of weird, but nonetheless, please enjoy these tunes that have recently been consuming my ears.

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Fox On The Run- Sweet

Now, this is one you’re going to want to head bang to. You’re going to want to stand up for this song or listen to it while on a drive so you can sing it at the top of your lungs. I imagine belting this song with a group of friends at a party or some sort of social gathering where everyone is merry, bouncing on our feet and singing close up in each others faces. This playful tune is a definite mood booster.

Rare Hearts- The Growlers

I cannot get enough of this song. I found it last summer, but I still listen to it frequently. If I had to choose a theme song for my life, I would choose this one. The vibe is vintage and easygoing, with a tune that isn’t too fast or too slow. I would describe this song as groovy rock, for the tunes feature both adjectives throughout the song. This is a song to just chill to. Also, Brooks Neilsen’s classic, sightly raspy boy-band voice brings everything together. If you love fairly new music that has an oldies tune, this song, as well as the band, should fulfill what you’re looking for.

The Wild One- Suzi Quatro

Imagine sliding behind the wheel of a brand-new Lamborghini. You begin to rev it up, filling the air with the unavoidable rumble of the luxury Italian bred engine. With a swift nod of your head your sunglasses snap over your eyes and you slam your foot on the acceleration, shooting off across a long patch of road and leaving black tire marks in your wake. As ludicrous as this daydream is, I can’t help but imagine myself in this position each time I listen to this song. The lyrics also give me a rush of bad b energy in the sense that, I too, am a red-hot fox that can take the knocks;) If you’re looking for a song that will make you want to seize the day, I recommend this one.

Posthumous Forgivness- Tame Impala

You know those songs that you listen to that make you want to go “uuugggghhhh” or express yourself in a similar fashion (a.k.a anything by Frank Ocean)? This is one of those. I’m pretty sure my eyes rolled to the back of my head the first time I heard this song. I experienced the feeling that one encounters when listening to basically any Tame Impala song: the feeling of your soul leaving your body. Certainly not one of the Australian band’s best tracks (in my opinion), yet this song still features the same enchanting synth that they are known for, one that grants you with an otherworldly sensation and a question about how something can sound so mesmerizing.

Sometimes- Goth Babe

I can’t help but feel a wave of nostalgia when I listen to this song. It’s one of those who’s tune prompts you to reminisce about the good ol’ days, whatever those may be for you. I imagine watching a sun set with my friends at the top of a hill, a slight breeze biting at our cheeks that glow from the golden hour. The notes are relaxing in a way that almost reassures you life will be ok, that there is beauty within the chaos of our world.

My Love- M.A.G.S

I love the classic rock/early 2000’s tune within this song. The classic rock feeling along with the lyrics remind me of what it feels like to love someone, for your heart to beat rapid like the drum and the feeling of butterflies rattle your stomach like the heavy thrums of the guitar. It will simply just make you want to dance around a room with the one who you refer to as “my love.”

Marcel- Her’s

I’ve already gotten a few of my friends hooked on this one;) I ABSOLUTELY VIBE with this song. The tune is perfectly sweet and chill, a song to sit back and relax to, maybe listen to with good company. This was a fantastic find, one that will brighten your mood, and it has that effect on you where you can’t help but sing along with the melodic voice.

Fast Lovers- Lemaitre

I thank my roommate for showing me this gem. Similar to a Tame Impala or a Lorde song, it makes you feels some type of way. After hearing the first few notes, I had one of those “oh this song is GOOD good” moments. I began listening to the song around September, and apparently, I listened to it enough for Spotify to feature it on my 2019 wrapped playlist. Even now, I still listen to it a decent amount. It’s just one of those songs that doesn’t get old.




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