Vic’s Tuesday Tunes #2

By Victoria Sananikone, Editor

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Welcome to the second installment of Vic’s Tuesday Tunes! As a lover of music, I thoroughly enjoy sharing my tunes with others who share my obsession or those who are simply looking for new music to listen to. Please enjoy the music listed below that I have been listening to frequently within the past month.


Formula- Labrinth (Euphoria soundtrack)

This song is simply a COOL song. Similar to the title of the show that it is featured on, you’ll feel a rush of euphoria when listening. The song begins in an ominous fashion, the beat quickening along with the singer whose voice reaches an impressive pitch. Judging from the lyrics, this song is obviously about drugs, and while I advocate for hugs and not drugs, this song may make you feel like you’re experiencing a trip.

July- Youth Lagoon

If I had to describe this song, I would refer to it as sitting in sunshine. All I want to do is bask in the warmth of sunlight when I hear it, but I don’t believe the meaning of the song is as sweet as this daydream. The tune begins timid, with a singer whose voice holds a longing within the soft vocals. As the song progresses, the vocals become cries of reminiscing for the past. I recommend this song for its beautiful melody and relaxing beats.

Blondie- Current Joys

I adore the vintage vibes in this song. It throws you back a few decades to when times were simpler. The constant trill and twang of the guitar are the perfect companion for the melancholy voice of the singer.  There aren’t many lyrics within the song, but sometimes the lack of vocals is what truly make songs their finest.

Chinese New Year- SALES

Before you judge me from the fact that I found this song on Tik Tok, listen to it first. A few ways that Chinese New Years are celebrated involve honoring ancestors and leaving the past behind you. I love the message within this song of leaving animosity  in the past and refusing to let it bother you. This is a happy tune that is perfect for those searching for an upbeat yet chill song.

Coachella- lovelytheband

Most people only know lovelytheband from their hit song “Broken,” and they are surely missing out. The band is certainly one that is underrated. This song will make you feel like you’re in one of those sweet coming-of-age films. Similar to “Broken,” it might hit you in the heart, but it is surely lovely for the ears.

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