Don’t Be Lazy, Take The NSSE!

Magdalena Knapp, Editor in Chief

First-year and senior students, listen up! Some of you might have received an email during the past week about the “NSSE” (spoken: Nessie) survey. While most students probably have skimmed over it, some have actually clicked on it and taken it. NSSE stands for “National Survey of Student Engagement.” During their college time, students are required to take a large number of surveys, which leads to some students having a mental aversion against surveys. This survey is actually one that you should consider taking!

McKendree University, such as any other university, tries to serve the needs of its students, which is hard sometimes because the students’ needs are constantly changing. The NSSE was created to assess the areas where universities need improvement, what students think about their college experience, and what they gained from interactions with faculty, peers and others. The study claims to take approximately 17 minutes to take, which 17 minutes well invested into your future college experience and for future generations.

Students who complete the survey by March 20, 2020 will enter into a drawing for 1 of 3 McKendree Bookstore gift cards with $25 each!

Taking surveys is important because we as students can actually make a change or at least make administration aware of some issues that we face on campus. If we want change to happen, we have to make it happen. Therefore, scroll back through your emails, open up your clutter, find your invitation, and take the survey!

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